Receptive grammar practice using TubeQuizard

ELT stories

As readers of this blog probably know, one of my great passions is research into teaching listening skills and, in particular, listening decoding skills. In this post I’ll

  • briefly recap what listening decoding skills are and why I think they need to be focused on in grammar lessons
  • share with you a tool that makes it quite easy to create listening decoding quizzes based on subtitled Youtube videos
  • share some tips on using this tool to incorporate listening decoding work into your grammar lessons
  • show how to use the tool to look for videos that contain a lot of examples of a grammar features you’d like to present, and share six key questions that I ask myself when deciding if the video will provide good input for my learners.

What are listening decoding skills and what do they have to do with grammar?

So to start with, if the term ‘listening decoding skills’ doesn’t sound familiar…

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