A Tale of Two Conversations

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It’s my second blog post in about a year! And what a post it is. Well, ok, it’s really not taken me that much time to write and is more a question or two for you, dear reader, based on the transcripts below. Here’s some information you might want before you read:

Location: Dubai

Topic: Lunch

Ordinary level: very very ordinary

So, have a read of these two dialogues and just think about the differences in them and why that may be the case, think about: grammar, phonology, accommodation, communicative competence, adjacency pairs, standard English, ELF, right, wrong, (in)accuracy, and whatever the hell else you like.

Conversation 1

[phone call]

Me: I’m the Atrium shop – that’s all I need to say

Ben: Hm, ah, well I’ll have what you’re having

Me: Dangerous words. I think I’m gonna go for the large falafel granary

Ben: Hm, shit, I…

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